Synth Britannia

Synth Britannia is a BBC documentary about the Synthisizer and it's introduction to pop music in the 70's and 80's. It includes interviews from several of my favorite musicians (including Vince Clarke - personal hero). Here's part 1 [youtube width="560" height="340"][/youtube]

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Radiohead remix = insane

I'm at the Seattle International Airport waiting for my flight to leave for Amsterdam. I've managed to find some free wifi (which is always nice) and while surfing the net I came across this video for a remix of the Radiohead song Nude. (video by James Houston). Quote from Engadget: "Somehow, this cat managed to [...]

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Solar Powered Lampion = Awesome

This is solar powered lampion (created by Damian O'Sullivan) makes me happy. You can leave this outside - than later that evening use it for your lighting needs. This light is comprised of an array of 36 standard size solar cells (held together by an open spaced frame), each of which is connected to an [...]

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Now this is an Alarm Clock that “rocks”

On-Off clock from Lexon I love buttons. It's really that simple. However, this new On-Off clock from Lexon just rocks to the off position - no buttons required. Designed by Nina Tolstrup, the On-Off LCD alarm clock can have its alarm activated by tilting it into the on position, and the alarm can be turned [...]

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Do it yourself – Kyoto?

At first, the title may not make much sense - it will by then end of this post. I found this gadget online this morning. This thing is called the, "Wattson." It provides a method of understanding how much energy your home consumes. It has a sensor, which takes a measurement of the overall domestic [...]

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