Bugatti Veyron – The Fastest Car in the World

This video highlights the Bugatti Veyron - the fastest, most powerful, and most expensive street-legal full production car in the world. Here are a few stats: Top speed 253 mph It has 10 radiators 0 - 60 in 2.5 seconds 0 - 100 in 6 seconds At 230 mph the Veyron 'consumes' 10,000 gallons of [...]

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Urban Cactus – Rotterdam

UCX Architects has designed a 19 floor tower (containing 98 residential units) that will sit in the Rotterdam harbor. The building has a large number of exterior terrace/garden spaces. It looks like an interesting place to live. Urban Cactus - Rotterdam Visit UCX Architects (may want to learn Dutch first)

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The Photography of Geert Goiris

I stumbled across the photography of Geert Goiris on a few days ago and thought you might find the photos interesting. Ministry of Transportation, 2004 - Russia. Photograph by Geert Goiris | link Futuro, 2002. Photograph by Geert Goiris | link Eugene's Neighbourhood , 2002. Photograph by Geert Goiris | link Palanga, 2000. Photograph [...]

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A Modern Home

This last weekend I spent several hours studying and examining the world of new modern homes. I've discovered what could be the next incarnation of home building - prefabricated, environmentally positive, highly designed homes. Basically, companies like Clever Homes, Resolution 4, Alchemy Architects, kitHAUS and Empyrean have designed model (or kit) homes. The bits and [...]

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