Beneath the Frozen World

I love Cousteau. Watching this show when I was a kid, I'd dream about going on far away adventures and discovering new things. I especially like all his gear, boats, helicopters, etc. Here's 48 minutes of awesome: [youtube width="590" height="436"][/youtube]

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“A Kiss from Tokyo” – Theatrical trailer

[vimeo width="600" height="338"][/vimeo]   About "A Kiss from Tokyo" in the words of Stephane Coedel (co-director/animator) "A Kiss From Tokyo", Theatrical Trailer (1964) - Yuki 7 dashes around the world in hot pursuit of the tantalizingly tricky Diamond Eye, who is stealing parts and plans and leaving behind a path of murdered scientists in her [...]

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Herb and Dorothy

[youtube][/youtube] Via Do you have to be a Medici or a Rockefeller to collect art? Not according to Herbert and Dorothy Vogel. This documentary film tells the extraordinary story of Herb, a postal clerk, and Dorothy, a librarian - an ordinary couple of modest means who managed to build one of the most important [...]

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June Taylor is Awesome

[vimeo width="590" height="332"][/vimeo]   June Taylor is a Berkeley based preserve maker who specializes in creating a spectrum of mouth-watering, culinary treasures, each hand crafted in small batches from heirloom and long forgotten fruits. In a humble tone, she will tell you how she is connected to the land and how the garden informs her.  [...]

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