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25 Sep

Wes Anderson / New Short on iTunes this week

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via TUAW

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Wes Anderson (director of my favorite movie – The Life Aquatic) he’ll release a short film called Hotel Chevalier later this week at Apple stores across the country and for free on iTunes. Mr. Anderson said that he shot the movie in 2 1/2 days and edited it on his own computer…


The image above is the first of “The Darjeeling Limited”s prequel – the 13 minute short” (Hotel Chevalier) – from the folks at

The pic features Jason Schwartman (as Jack Whitman) and Natalie Portman (credited simply as “Jack’s X-Girlfriend” according to the leaked press notes) staring off into the distance on the balcony of said Hotel.

As was written on the CastleRock Italian site (in broken English), ‘Chevalier’ is “Acclimatized in one room of hotel in France, [‘Hotel Chevalier’ is] the short epilogue of one heartbreaking history of love and the prologue of the travel told in ‘The Darjeeling Limited.’ ”

Which translated means: The entire short takes place in one hotel room and is essentially the break-up that leads Jack to meet his brothers Francis (Owen Wilson) and Peter (Adrien Brody) in India for the “Darjeeling’ spiritual journey and adventure. Apparently Portman briefly appears in ‘Darjeeling.’

20 Dec

CBC Radio 3

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UPDATE: Looks like the R3 online magazine is back online: (Thanks for the update Sean!)

While in graduate school I was fortunate enough to attend a one-day seminar examining digital journalism and convergence. One of the speakers (Sean Embury) came from CBC Radio 3 – a public radio station featuring new music from Canadian artists. He showed the audience CBC Radio3’s online magazine which, by the way, amazed me. The online magazine mixes photography, written content and music in an interesting (and seamless) way. Unfortunately CBC Radio has discontinued the magazine… However; for the time being, you can view the entire archive.

CBC Radio 3 Magazine
CBC Radio 3 Magazine
CBC Radio 3 Magazine
CBC Radio 3 Magazine CBC Radio 3 Magazine


31 Oct

UX Magazine / Tom Guarriello – Experiencing Experience

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By Tom Guarriello – From UX Magazine

“Experience” is the new “black.” Very hip, very now. It’s impossible to read any publication even remotely concerned with commerce and not find some reference to “user” or “customer” experience. As a psychologist who’s spent over 30 years focusing on human experience, this newfound attention is fascinating. After all, for most of the 19th and 20th centuries, what mattered most about people were things that could be measured. And no matter what else you think about human experience, it can only be described, never measured.

Let me explain with a little history.

We humans have always been interested in one another’s stories. Our prehistoric ancestors drew pictures on cave walls to tell others stories about what had happened that day; sort of the first blogs.

Read the rest of this artical at UX Magazine

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09 Jul

Photos Now Online

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As I stated in an earlier post – my new camera has prompted further development of As you may have noticed above the random image up top, there’s a new tab – Photos. Photos is a photoblog (a daily photo) that will run in parallel to ma voix. I’ve also set up an RSS feed (syndication). You can subscribe to the RSS feed and be automatically notified when a new photo is available. (side note: ma voix also has syndication – just look at the bottom of any page).

Joe Hallock: PhotosJoe Hallock: Photos