Year: 2006

20 Dec

CBC Radio 3

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UPDATE: Looks like the R3 online magazine is back online: (Thanks for the update Sean!)

While in graduate school I was fortunate enough to attend a one-day seminar examining digital journalism and convergence. One of the speakers (Sean Embury) came from CBC Radio 3 – a public radio station featuring new music from Canadian artists. He showed the audience CBC Radio3’s online magazine which, by the way, amazed me. The online magazine mixes photography, written content and music in an interesting (and seamless) way. Unfortunately CBC Radio has discontinued the magazine… However; for the time being, you can view the entire archive.

CBC Radio 3 Magazine
CBC Radio 3 Magazine
CBC Radio 3 Magazine
CBC Radio 3 Magazine CBC Radio 3 Magazine


08 Dec

Art on Furniture

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I found Ohio Design while looking for furniture last week. They sell several good pieces of modern (yet, eco friendly) furniture – but what I found most interesting is their service of printing images on the furniture. See the images below – and then visit their site: Ohio Design.

Print on Furniture
Print on Furniture
Print on FurniturePrint on Furniture
Small TypeSmall Type

Link: Ohio Design

04 Dec

Gazprom Design Competition

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Spiegle Online reported that Russian gas giant Gazprom (owner of 16% of the world’s gas reserves) is expanding into Europe. The company is holding a design competition for its new headquarters just opposite the famed 18th century Smolny Cathedral on the Neva River in historic St. Petersburg. The images below show the six designs currently in the competition. Read the article at (english version).

RMJM of LondonRMJM of London
Jean Nouvel of ParisJean Nouvel of Paris
Herzog & de MeuronHerzog & de Meuron
Massimiliano Fuksas of ItallyMassimiliano Fuksas of Itally
Rem Kolhaas's Office for Metropolitan ArchitectureRem Kolhaas’s Office for Metropolitan Architecture
Daniel LibeskindDaniel Libeskind


01 Dec

Energy from the Earth – 1,400 ft. Down

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This town home in TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal street) in New York uses energy extracted from a depth of 1,400 ft.

Geothermal Manhattan TownhouseGeothermal Manhattan Townhouse

From the Wall Street Journal

“The five-story town house stands in TriBeCa, a few blocks north of the World Trade Center site, and uses an unusual geothermal energy system to provide heating, cooling and hot water. Pipes extend about 1,400 feet into the earth, where the temperature is always about 52 degrees. The pipes transfer energy to the house, where two-layer-thick concrete exterior walls, filled with thermal materials, trap the energy and distribute it. (All floors also have radiant heating systems.) The late New York architect and developer John Petrarca designed the property and lived there with his wife, business-journalism professor Sarah Bartlett, until his death from lung cancer in 2003. The project was completed in 2002.”

Link: WSJ

22 Nov

Lightning Striking Twice

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Here’s a photo of lightning striking both the Washington Mutual Tower and the Space Needle yesterday during a squall. Another bolt of lightning hit a power-line in front of our home. The impact destroyed a power transformer, sending its lid (roughly 100 lbs.) hurling over our building where it landed near our back alley. Luckily our building was okay – other than the light spraying of transformer fluid.

Photo via KomoTV