World’s oldest lifesaver

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I shot this interview with Russell Barden, with Geoff Charters assisting, partly on the Letus Extreme – with a 50mm Nikon, wearing a polarizer – and a wide angle on the X1. The is the first stage of a long project we’re doing for Surf Life Saving Queensland, showing the diversity of this charity organization. It will take us from the beaches, to the mines of Mount Isa. The thrust of this piece – one of 30 profiles – is that while Surf Life Saving is re-known for saving lives, it also gives people lives. The movement takes its name from Saving Lives. But what about the lives it gives. Russell Barden was born in 1916, the same week his beloved Maroochydore was founded as a Club. But it took 66 years before this boy from the outback scrub of NSW swam for his Bronze Medallion. Russell lost his “best mate” Joyce to the heart-wrenching slow ravages of cancer. But through Surf Life Saving, he’s found new mates; a new life; and a new purpose. In the West, our elderly are often forgotten, and left lonely. SLS embraces all people, from all walks of life. It is not just about young bronzed Australian iron men. And for that, it does its sponsors proud. I wanted to explore this angle in this piece.”

Brett Clements

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