Our New Home

We're having our new house built in Renton. The outside of the house is complete while they're still building the inside. The whole thing should be done in June. The New House!

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Urban Cactus – Rotterdam

UCX Architects has designed a 19 floor tower (containing 98 residential units) that will sit in the Rotterdam harbor. The building has a large number of exterior terrace/garden spaces. It looks like an interesting place to live. Urban Cactus - Rotterdam Visit UCX Architects (may want to learn Dutch first)

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Gazprom Design Competition

Spiegle Online reported that Russian gas giant Gazprom (owner of 16% of the world's gas reserves) is expanding into Europe. The company is holding a design competition for its new headquarters just opposite the famed 18th century Smolny Cathedral on the Neva River in historic St. Petersburg. The images below show the six designs currently [...]

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The Photography of Thomas Weinberger

Thomas Weinberger from Munich, Germany, uses a very interesting method in his photography. It's called synthesen and as you can see, the images below are almost surreal. Wienberger's technique is to take two photographs - one durring the daylight hours and one at night - then he combines them. The photographs are from the same [...]

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The Photography of Geert Goiris

I stumbled across the photography of Geert Goiris on http://www.edwardmitterrand.com a few days ago and thought you might find the photos interesting. Ministry of Transportation, 2004 - Russia. Photograph by Geert Goiris | link Futuro, 2002. Photograph by Geert Goiris | link Eugene's Neighbourhood , 2002. Photograph by Geert Goiris | link Palanga, 2000. Photograph [...]

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A Modern Home

This last weekend I spent several hours studying and examining the world of new modern homes. I've discovered what could be the next incarnation of home building - prefabricated, environmentally positive, highly designed homes. Basically, companies like Clever Homes, Resolution 4, Alchemy Architects, kitHAUS and Empyrean have designed model (or kit) homes. The bits and [...]

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Frank Lloyd Wright Revisited

Last night I was on Apple's website browsing around for new toys, gadgets and other stuff that I don't really need to purchase. I stumbled on to their "Pro" section - an area where they show how professional content creators use Apple hardware and software to produce their work. I found this interesting piece on [...]

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