December 2006

CBC Radio 3

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UPDATE #2: Thanks you to Loc Dao for posting the archive to a new location! UPDATE: Looks like the R3 online magazine is back online: (Thanks for the update Sean!) While in graduate school I was fortunate enough to attend a one-day seminar examining digital journalism and convergence. One of the speakers (Sean Embury) came from CBC Radio 3 - a public radio station featuring new music from [...]

Urban Cactus – Rotterdam

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UCX Architects has designed a 19 floor tower (containing 98 residential units) that will sit in the Rotterdam harbor. The building has a large number of exterior terrace/garden spaces. It looks like an interesting place to live. Urban Cactus - Rotterdam Visit UCX Architects (may want to learn Dutch first)

Art on Furniture

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I found Ohio Design while looking for furniture last week. They sell several good pieces of modern (yet, eco friendly) furniture - but what I found most interesting is their service of printing images on the furniture. See the images below - and then visit their site: Ohio Design. Print on Furniture Small Type Link: Ohio Design

Gazprom Design Competition

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Spiegle Online reported that Russian gas giant Gazprom (owner of 16% of the world's gas reserves) is expanding into Europe. The company is holding a design competition for its new headquarters just opposite the famed 18th century Smolny Cathedral on the Neva River in historic St. Petersburg. The images below show the six designs currently in the competition. Read the article at (english version). RMJM of London Jean Nouvel [...]

Energy from the Earth – 1,400 ft. Down

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This town home in TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal street) in New York uses energy extracted from a depth of 1,400 ft. Geothermal Manhattan Townhouse From the Wall Street Journal "The five-story town house stands in TriBeCa, a few blocks north of the World Trade Center site, and uses an unusual geothermal energy system to provide heating, cooling and hot water. Pipes extend about 1,400 feet into the earth, where the [...]

November 2006

Lightning Striking Twice

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Here's a photo of lightning striking both the Washington Mutual Tower and the Space Needle yesterday during a squall. Another bolt of lightning hit a power-line in front of our home. The impact destroyed a power transformer, sending its lid (roughly 100 lbs.) hurling over our building where it landed near our back alley. Luckily our building was okay - other than the light spraying of transformer fluid. Lightning x [...]


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"In the late 1920s, in an attempt to break Europe's hold on the world rubber industry, Henry Ford looked to South America. There, surrounded by the Amazon rain forests, the Ford Motor Company built a modern manufacturing center and christened it Fordlandia." Read more at Michigan History Online. Fordlandia The Church at Fordlandia Links: Michigan History Online Material in this post copyright Michigan History Online & Meg Belichick.

The Photography of Thomas Weinberger

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Thomas Weinberger from Munich, Germany, uses a very interesting method in his photography. It's called synthesen and as you can see, the images below are almost surreal. Wienberger's technique is to take two photographs - one durring the daylight hours and one at night - then he combines them. The photographs are from the same physcial location. In each one you see aspects and lighting of both day and night. [...]

The Aurora Borealis

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Just to the lower right of the moon is a clutch of stars known as the Beehive Cluster, or Praesepe, in the constellation Cancer, and to the right of that is the planet Saturn. The Earth, meanwhile, sports some shining lights of its own. The International Space Station was flying above Scandinavia when this image was taken, allowing city lights to pierce the black of night. The Aurora Borealis. Photographed [...]

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