December 2011

Big Space – Photography of Michel Mazzoni

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From/about the artist: To explore such notions as time and space Michel Mazzoni uses photography, video installations, texts. He shows, exhibits, installs his territories. Michel Mazzoni has been working and living in Brussels (Belgium) since 2007.He has published two books, straight in the light, and areas, a third is in preparation. His work is regularly exhibited at galleries, biennials and contemporary art centers in Europe. His work is represented by [...]

September 2011

June 2011

Solar Sinter Project

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  In a world increasingly concerned with questions of energy production and raw material shortages, this project explores the potential of desert manufacturing, where energy and material occur in abundance. In this experiment sunlight and sand are used as raw energy and material to produce glass objects using a 3D printing process, that combines natural energy and material with high-tech production technology. Solar-sintering aims to raise questions about [...]

May 2011

Take a few minutes, learn. He is talent.

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There's only a few people who read this blog... I know there's even fewer who like cars or racing. I get it. Put aside the fact that you might not like racing and watch the videos below (in order). They're about Ayrton Senna - an incredible driver.

April 2011

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