Erasure – Live in Seattle

Since 1988 I’ve been an Erasure fan. I’ve collected just about every 12″, 7″, mini-cd, CD, DVD, VHS and digital download I could get my hands on. Last night Maureen and I went to the Show Box (a local venue) to see an acoustic only show by the two person band. This is interesting because Erasure (Vince Clarke specifically) is known for their work with electronic music. Vince was one of the founding members of Depeche Mode and Yazoo. Erasure, although less known by the greater public, has sold over 14 million albums. This is an impressive accomplishment for any artist in any genre.

Mr. Vince Clarke - ErasureMr. Vince Clarke – Erasure

Personally I tend to find an artist and follow them around – go to a lot of shows – and be completely taken by the music. For example, I’ve seen the Dave Matthews Band 61 times. This was my 10th Erasure show – and quite possibly one of the best. It was so interesting to see them with a large acoustic band backing them up.


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