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This last weekend I spent several hours studying and examining the world of new modern homes. I’ve discovered what could be the next incarnation of home building – prefabricated, environmentally positive, highly designed homes. Basically, companies like Clever Homes, Resolution 4, Alchemy Architects, kitHAUS and Empyrean have designed model (or kit) homes. The bits and pieces are highly designed, well engineered and environmentally efficient. The consumers of these homes work with a designer to pick out colors, materials, floor plans and other household things like appliances. Clever Homes takes an additional step and project plans the construction of the new home. The price on the homes varies depending on the materials one chooses and the land that’s purchased. Over the course of the weekend, I’ve come to the conclusion that we can build a home for roughly the same price as buying a new town home or a used house.

Here are a few examples of modern prefabricated homes:

The weeHouseThe weeHouse | Alchemy Architects
Resolution: 4The Dwell Homes – Resolution:4 Architecture | Empyrean
Dwell Homes - NextHouseThe Dwell Homes – NextHouse | Empyrean
Kit CH5 - Clever HomesKit CH5 | Clever Homes
Inside the kitHAUSInside the kitHAUS | kitHAUS

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