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New photos from my trip around the world (West circumnavigate from Seattle to Shanghai, Xi’an Hyderabad, and Dubia)

The Bund – Shanghai

It’s been a long time since I posted something new… I’m travelling in China and India over the next few weeks – testing out my new Camera (Nikon D800).

The Bund - Shanghai


Hyderabad, India


One car to do it all

This video has two parts – the first is nice looking but not all that interesting (to me). The second part, the owner’s garage, is what I think awesome looks like. It’s a dream garage… srsly.

Bruce McLaren


McLaren were founded by New Zealand Formula 1 driver and brilliant engineer Bruce McLaren back in 1963, and the current incarnation of the team – reinvigorated in the 1980s with Ron Denni’s Project Four takeover – puts its history front and center: from the display of cars in the atrium of the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking to the traditional launch color of its cars and the dedicated racing spirit that still epitomizes the team today.

McLaren celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2013, and they’ve released this video as the first in a series of three films that will be released during the year. It’s an emotionally charged starting point, dealing directly with the tragic death of the team’s founder testing a McLaren CanAm car at Goodwood, through a recreation of that terrible day.

“To do something well is so worthwhile, that to die trying to do it better cannot be foolhardy.”

Bruce McLaren died aged 32. McLaren is his legacy. Bruce is still the inspiration.