I started by painting the lower body fairings. I used the darker color with the intention of creating depth from top-to-bottom. My thought process was to go from lighter colors to darker as the eye moved vertically down towards the road.This subtle application ties nicely with the structure of the naked bike (color on top, mechanicals on the bottom).

For the Yamaha lettering, I designed a vinyl decal (typeface: DIN) using an oversized font. I applied the vinyl using a level mark that I created when the parts were installed and the bike was upright. Bringing the dark color up from the lower fairings into the lower part of the tank helped create a connection between the two colors.

New seat

I worked with Brogue Motorcycles to have a new seat cover. We used a cognac colored marine-grade vinyl with diamond sticking. This option gives a leather look while being durable with weather and sun exposure.